Suit up like Frida

Creative Direction - Fatima Hasanova Stylist - Fatima Hasanova Photographer - Lorna Kelley Photography Assistance -Naomi Cowen Model - Jasrun Kaur

The series 'Suit up like Frida' links a surreal modern period of our time and contemporary elements of fashion while containing the indistinct lines between past and present.

The concept was inspired by the rise of Frida Kahlo's iconic rebellious attitude, in particular the moment when the artist has chosen to wear her father's suit for a family portrait. This was one of the most significant moments that has shaped the artist identity, mainly focusing on disability, diversity and gender. 


Creative Direction - Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima

Stylist - Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima

Photographer - Lorna Kelley @lornakelleyphotography 

Photography Assistance - Naomi Cowen @naomi_cowen

Model - Jasrun Kaur @jasrun_