If you wish to submit your work to Everytime Zine please email us at 


With any submission please include

  • what it is you do (e.g photographer/artist etc) 

  • What it is you would like to submit

  • Include a link to either your website or Instagram.

  • Give your project a title 


*Please note we cannot consider work that has previously or is currently being submitted to other exclusive publications.

If you do not here back from us within 2 weeks you submission has been declined (don't lose faith, however, it may just be the work wasn't right for this issue) Issues run for approx 3 months before we get started on the next theme so even if your work isn't right now it may be considered for the next issue- so keep trying.

If you're lacking inspiration for our chosen issue theme you can find some via our mood board that gets posted prior to an issue.

If we are happy for your work to be published you will be asked to submit a form which agrees to the work being published i.e that the model has consented to said work) If forms aren't completed 2 weeks after they've been sent without giving a reason your submission may be rejected.





For photography submissions please send us a short description along with your work explaining what your submission represents, the story behind it and how it fits into the theme of the issue. Please also make sure your photography has a title.

Work should either be attached to the email or can be included via link where we can access the work. (we don't mind WeTransfer) 

Please note that for editorials/photo series we require a minimum of 5 photos in order for them to be considered. Ideally, an editorial would have around 5-8 photos.

With this, you should include credits (where eligible) this includes any stylists, assistants, models, MUA's or directors that may have worked with you on your submission.  


(please no nudity or upsetting themes please)




Firstly please make sure the video you're submitting is less than 15mins. Also, we are unable to publish videos that include unlicensed music or images you don't have the rights to.

If your video has other people’s work in it we need their permission to be able to publish it. 

Your video should be attached in the email or include a link where we can access the work. (we don't mind WeTransfer)

Your submission should contain a short description of what the work you are submitting is about, the story behind it and how it fits into the theme of the issue. Including credits of any stylists, assistants, models, etc that may have worked with you on your submission.


Written Pieces:


Written pieces can range from anything from poetry, to think pieces, experiences or stories that may fit with the theme of this issue.

However, we do like to keep the zine looking quite visual so think about the way you'd like your work to be displayed (i.e putting text on images/ images to go alongside the text)

Please attach the work to an email and make sure to include what your chosen written piece is (poetry, non-fiction etc) and briefly what your work is about. 


Illustrations/Art Work 


Make sure work you are sending is your own. Be sure to include in your email what your work is about and how it fits with the theme. You can also send any press releases/exhibitions you have coming up and we will be sure to include them. 

You can choose to have your work displayed either on its own, or alongside a written piece (please make sure to state how you wish for it to be displayed in the email) 




We do also accept submission from bands/ artists 

Please send us a link to your Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Facebook page so we can listen to you, or you can attach the song to an email including any information about the song. Include any about the release/tour dates and we will include those also.​

If there is something you wish to contribute that you feel would be relevant to the theme of the issue that we haven't mentioned feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!