Moriah Ziman 

Model: Rachel Allison with Photogenics LA, shot for The Ones Who

This issues cover comes from the incredible Brookyln based Fashion and Lifestyle photographer Moriah Ziman with her editorial 'Midsummer Blues'. We interviewed her to get the story behind her cover editorial, find out her inspirations and exactly what made her get into photography.

Firstly tell us who you are, where you are from and what it is you do?  


My name is Moriah, I am a photographer originally from Minneapolis, MN but I now live in Brooklyn, NY!


How would you describe your style or aesthetic when it comes to shooting?


I think I am still figuring out my 'style' but I did grow up as a dancer and have found that I really appreciate movement when it comes to my photography. I always like to have music playing and try to shoot fluid motions rather than single poses. 

What made you want to get into photography? 

I never really thought I would become a photographer but I have always loved fashion editorials and advertisements, so I naturally gravitated in that direction. I remember my second year in College I had the opportunity to shoot a fashion editorial for the University fashion magazine, and after that shoot I was on such an energy high that I knew photography, specifically in fashion, was something I had to explore. 



Model: Ali Howard

"I really appreciate movement when it comes to mY photography. I always like to have music playing and try to shoot fluid motions rather than single poses."

Model: Nadya Laska

Who or what inspires you? 


I honestly get a lot of inspiration from other photographers! I love the older artists like Irving Penn and Helmut Newton but also have a few favourite current photographers like Andrew Arthur and Cameron Hammond. I'm also weirdly obsessed with illustrators, one of my favourites being Agathe Sorlet

Tell us about the cover shoot, is there a story behind it?


This cover shoot was a collaboration with Nadya Laska, who I actually met when I was at the University of Wisconsin! She is such a creative and imaginative artist and stylist and this was the first shoot we did together in a few years. She came to me with the concept of this girl who loves dress up and wanted to "romanticise the idea of growing up." We met with Helena, the model, who personified this concept perfectly and we all had so much fun shooting in an old lobby of an apartment building in Brooklyn. 



Do you have a favourite photo you’ve taken or Project you’ve worked on?


I think my favourite photo comes from when I was travelling a bit in Europe. When I am in a new place, I love taking street portraits and this particular one was of a man in Madrid who was just about to light his cigarette at a crowded market. I just love his expression and it brings me right back to that moment. 

(pictured below)


Madrid 14.jpg

"When I'm in a new place I love taking street portraits."

If you could choose to work with anyone who would it be and why? 


I mentioned him before, but I would have loved to see Irving Penn at work. His portraits are so intimate, it would have been amazing to see what his process was like getting to know the people in his portraits. 


What have you been loving recently? 


I have been listening to a lot of episodes of How I Built This, which is a podcast from NPR. Guy Raz interviews a bunch of successful entrepreneurs and it is super interesting to hear the stories of the different founders. Also, I'm not too far into the book yet, but I started reading How Not To Die by Michael Greger, which is about plant-based eating and avoiding disease, and if you are interested in health I would definitely look into it! 


Our current issue is our summer issue titled Endless relating to nostalgic, endless, sun-drenched summer days and moments you wish could last a lifetime. Do you have a particular memory or moment you can recall in which you wish you could stay endlessly?


I worked in LA for two summers and would often go to the beach alone and just spend the day reading and meditating by the water. It might sound simple, but I wish I could live endlessly in the calmness of being alone by the ocean.  

What’s one thing you wish you could have endlessly? 

A dog's love!



And finally, what are your current goals and aspirations for the future, where do you hope to take your work? 

I think currently I just want to keep evolving and developing my style as a photographer. I hope to grow more confident in my work, and definitely, want to shoot more editorial content! Shooting a cover story for a publication would be a dream! 




Model, Ceara Gannon with Click Models NY Stylist:Sabrina Rose, Makeup Artist: Rebecca Noparast

"I would have loved to see Irving Penn at work. His portraits are so intimate. it would have been amazing to see what his process was like getting to know the people in his portraits." 

 Model: Kellie Roche with Ignite Models