Fatima Hasanova

Credits: Creative direction and styling: Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima 

Photographer: @michael_d_morgan 

Model: @_anacorona 

 As featured as this issues cover creative with her editorial 'Suit Up like Frida'.

We interviewed creative director and stylist Fatima Hasanova about her work, her inspirations and what Escape means to her. 

 Firstly tell us who you are and what it is you do?  

I'm a student based in Norwich and originally from Baku, Azerbaijan. I'm in my final year of studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at the Norwich University of the Arts. Previously I studied Art and Design course which has influenced the conceptual side of my work. 

Currently I specialise in creative direction, styling and fashion promotion. 


How would you describe your work or aesthetic to somebody who's never seen it before?

It is quite creative and has an open-minded approach in work aesthetic. I try not set any boundaries in my work, however I can relate to a conceptual, artistic and fashion focused style.


What made you want to get into Fashion? 

Fashion has always been a significant source of inspiration for me. From an early age I have been interested in styling outfits, which has progressed into a desire to develop it into my professional skill. 

"[MY WORK]IS QUITE creative and has an open-minded approach in aesthetic. I try not set any boundaries"

Credits: Creative direction and styling: Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima  

Photographer: @michael_d_morgan 

Models: @_anacorona @jesskand 

Who or what inspires you? 

I get inspiration in the collusion of past and present of the art and fashion worlds. Yet often primary sources inspiration are paintings, magazines.


Tell us about your most recent project


The series 'Suit up like Frida' was inspired by the rise of Frida Kahlo's iconic rebellious attitude, in particular the moment when the artist chose to wear her father's suit for a family portrait. This was one of the most significant moments that has shaped the artist identity, mainly focusing on disability, diversity and gender. The concept is very similar to this issues theme 'Escape' as there is interference of the boundaries between gender and diversity issues that are defined in contemporary sense.

If you could choose to do a collaboration with anyone who would it be and why? 

I'm always glad to work on new collaborations! At the moment I'd be interested to collaborate with Lisa Angel jewellery brand, as I love their beautiful accessories and would love to work on creating a lookbook for their new fashion jewellery.

"I get inspiration in the collusion of past and present of the art and fashion worlds."

Credits: Creative direction and styling: Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima 

Photographer- @j0anna_xo 

Model- @samira.hsnv

What have you been loving recently? 

I have enjoyed some podcasts that listen to every morning now. 'The Business of Fashion' is great podcast, that enables to be informed about recent fashion news. 'We need to talk about...' is fun podcast about political news, that are delivered by comedians. One of my favourite shows RuPaul Drag Race released a new season. So I'm extremely excited about it. And a little discovery is a Netflix show - Sex Education, that has become my most recent favourite.


Our current issue is called Escape what does Escape mean to you?

To me escape is freedom and a comfort zone. 


Is there anything you do to Escape from the world sometimes? 

To detach and de-stress from the world usually I'd listen to my favourite funky music and spend time creating personal artwork.

"To me escape is freedom and a comfort zone."

Credits: Creative direction and styling: Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima 

Photographer @michael_d_morgan Model: @jesskand 

What destination would you choose to Escape to if you could? 

It'd be a deserted beach!


And finally, what are your current goals and aspirations for the future, where do you hope to take your work? 

I'm aspiring to work as a stylist for fashion magazines and continue developing creative practise.

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