Heres to you

A written piece by Beth Every 

Here’s to you.
You did this. You made yourself stronger.
The choice to surround yourself with inspiring and kind people was yours.
The choice to accept yourself as human was yours.
The choice to love yourself unconditionally was yours.
And it doesn’t matter if you fail from time to time - you’re working hard on that.
Give yourself that credit.


Here’s to you.
You have dealt with your fair share of battles, sometimes facing them head on, sometimes trying
to run away from them. Either way, you summoned the courage to fight.

Straight away or eventually. It happened. You got there. And you did it.
There were people along the way that were damaging and the power they had over you went
straight to their heads. It was not fair. But you used their actions as a way to empower yourself.
A big deal. You turned the bad into good. That’s hard to do.
You don’t just sit there and take it anymore.

Here’s to you.
Those female friendships have shaped you into the best woman you can be.
Those female friendships are responsible for your wellness and you should be appreciative and thankful every day for that. And them. They are beautiful.
Those female friendships have sometimes failed, but you haven’t. Always remember that.
Some of those friendships upped and left, then came back better than ever. Some things take time. Be patient. You’ll be thankful for the wait.

Here’s to you
You got over (for the most part) your body hang-ups. You have learnt the power of exercise for
your mental wellbeing and your body. You are no longer exercising to lose weight and trying to fit
into an unrealistic expectation that society has hammered into your very make-up.
You have stopped being obsessed with your flaws. You are finally on that road to self-love.
You now accept compliments without cringing. Or accusing the complimenter of lying.
You actually love a compliment. What a revelation.

Here’s to you
You have finally discovered your own power.

Here’s to you
You have dealt with a lot, and have helped others through a lot.

Here’s to you
I am so proud of the person you have become.

So, here’s to you. What a true powerhouse you are.

Words and Photography by: Beth Every @bethevery