Go with the wind

A poem by Olivia Atkins

The freedom

Its refreshing touch upon my face

Mussing up my hair

And blowing my eyelashes apart.

Its strength lifting me up; I may soar

Like birds above,

Gaining distance and perspective

On the life below.

I am nothing but a human

Looking down, seeing

The water lapping against the rocks,

Slapping their surfaces

With their routined rhythm

Ebbing and flowing

Tempting my jump.

I am powerless,

Frozen on the edge

Uplifted by the gusts of power,

Their ability to move me

Shift my stale thoughts

Strip off the top layer of skin

To reveal

                A simplicity

                Rooted in sensibility

The wind sings,

My heart laughs

                All knowing,

Carefree and alive

Re-born –

I’m an eagle

Scouring the land for prey

Rising high in search

Before dipping down low

                                                To strike

Precisely plopping in the sea one sec

To retrieve my prize

Blowing out the cobwebs

Afresh with possibility

Eyes brighter

Ears tingled cold

Face whipped with the speed

As it gushes past

Whispering the secrets of the day

I am listening

Yet really I already know.

A thousand times I have stood here

A thousand times I will stand

To brush against the face of danger

And confide in my old friend,

The wind.

Written by Olivia Atkins


Photography by: Natalia Atkins @natalia_atkins