Editors Letter.

It brings me a great amount of pleasure and excitement in being able to bring you the first issue of Everytime Zine- the first of many I hope.


For the past few months Everytime Zine has been something I've lived, breathed, woke up with and gone to sleep dreaming about. As cliche as that may sound it has become somewhat of a baby to me, a project that I have birthed from the ground running. A project that at times and especially to begin felt like a near impossible endeavour. A small idea that grew from my love of creating content and immersing myself within words and imagery. I knew I wanted to create a space online that enabled that but also held its own identity. A space that curated all the things I love, in one place, but with the ability to share it with other people too. And I hope that with the creation of Everytime that is what I have achieved.


From the direction, the theme and the incredible creatives within it this issue I hope it is something that like me becomes something close to your heart. Both I and the creatives have put our heart and soul into making this something I hope you will love. 


The theme of this issue is Escape. The act or relief of escapism, mental or physical.

Escape is the distractions we create from everyday reality or routine which in turn creates the blurred lines between the otherworldly, real life and virtual reality.

Escape is overcoming the things we fear to create a space we feel safe.

Escape is about self-care and discovery. New endeavours. A place to dream and immerse. 


The beginning of the year for me always awakes a feeling of escapism. A feeling that subconsciously and coincidentally ended up coinciding with this time of year and my current feelings. I don’t know if it’s the January blues, the dreary weather, the mundane, day to day routine, the dark nights and cold days or just the new beginnings the year brings with it that makes me want to escape to a warmer retreat, into a new, exciting and blissful state of mind, or a place that allows me to lose my inhibitions and in turn injects some life back through my veins. Though I guess it could be a mixture of them all.


Though I do know that from time, to time we could all do with a place to escape and I hope that like the very being of Everytime Zine and this issue it brings with it an escape for you, if only for a minute. 


Thank you, for being a part of us, reading and supporting our creatives. 

I'm excited to see in time where Everytime takes me and I'm excited for you to come on that journey too. 

Paige Rhianne