Editors Letter.

Hello, and welcome to our second issue of Everytime Zine. I'm so very, very excited to be back and bringing with me our first ever summer issue, along with a whole heap of new and inspiring creatives.

Once again we have been blown away by the response to this issue, the enthusiasm and ideas we have received in reply to the theme have been truly overwhelming. Without you, the creatives and the readers we couldn't make any of this happen. It means so much to me, especially, to be able to share something I'm so passionate about and receive the same passion and warmth back, from the bottom of my heart thank you. 

We've very lovingly titled this issue: Endless. We drew the theme this month from those moments of summer we cherish; those long, hot, sun-drenched (though mostly rainy if you live in the UK) summers. Upon thinking and drawing together initial inspiration, musings and ideas for this issue I knew I wanted it to be oozing with every touch, every sound, word and feeling that resonates with the summer season.

For me Summer is my favourite time of year, it always has been ever since I was a child, which probably has something to do with the fact I'm a Cancerian- a proud summer baby, but also because I feel a sense of nostalgia and reflection around the summer months. It’s a time that, if you allow it lets you unwind, take a breath and reflect on the previous months before looking towards the last few months of the year. 

The word endless came from the moments we make during the summer months, the memories we share; the memories we wish we could freeze and stay within for a lifetime. 
Endless is the last glance you take at the sea before heading home on holiday, that last breath of salty breeze and the feel of the sand beneath your feet. Endless is about holding those moments deep in your chest and never letting go.

I hope that in the same way you hold this issue close to your heart and if only for a moment find those moments of reflection and nostalgia from the photography, artwork or simply the words that you find connect with you in some way. I know that for me the pieces I chose to stand among the issue connected with me in many ways. Each individual piece I chose communicated all the feelings and emotions I feel towards the summer and the mindset of endless, I hope they do for you too. 

Thank you again so much for being a part of this journey, for being a part of us, the moments you take to read and support our creatives means so much to us. 

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have loved curating it and I hope that this summer has and continues to bring you all the warmth, happiness and joy but most of all I hope it brings you endless moments for you to treasure. 

Paige Rhianne