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Editors Letter.

Hello and welcome to our third issue of Everytime Zine, you have no idea how great it is to finally say that after what feels like months in the making. This issue has certainly felt like a long time coming, that’s for sure. From putting the issue together, to creative struggles, not to mention a global pandemic it’s fair to say this issue has had its fair share of challenges, something that we have now come to expect and in many ways are thankful for as it allows us to grow as a magazine. 


The theme for this issue is Empower a word that we initially felt corresponded well with the start of a new year, a word that captured the feelings and the tone for a new beginning. We also set out to make this a really collaborative issue however with the decision to push our initial release date back, then with the arrival of Covid-19 it seemed like all hope was lost and yet on reflection, this issue could quite possibly be the most collaborative and empowering issue we could hope to have. 


During lockdown, we were overwhelmed with the sheer amount of submissions we received, a wonderful indication that so many of you were managing to find time to be creative by doing the things you love amidst the madness. Regardless of so many of us being apart, in a strange and bittersweet way we felt really connected to you all, so for that we are incredibly grateful. 

We hope that in relation to the pandemic you are all in good health wherever you are in the world, and that your time in lockdown was spent taking care of yourself even if that meant taking each day a day at a time. 


This issue we also wanted to bring light to is the Black Lives Matter movement an issue that we feel echoes our Empower theme strongly. Part of the reason I wanted to create and set up my own online magazine a few years ago was to be able to have power over the type of content I choose to publish, with Everytime zine I set out to ensure that everyone gets rightfully represented for their work, their passion and talent regardless of skin colour, race, gender or sexuality. I’ve always loved collating work that I love and being able to create this magazine has allowed me to do so, as well as be able to share it with everyone else. 

In hindsight however, I still believe that as a business we know that there’s still so much more work to be done. Speaking as a white person my work in being actively anti-racist is still ongoing and I believe that it is our right to ensure that we continue to keep reading, researching, listening and learning, and as a magazine our job to ensure we give everybody an equal platform to share their work. 


If you’re reading this now it’s quite possible I’ll be grinning from ear to ear knowing that we’ve been able to bring you another whole host of new and incredible illustrators, artists, writers and photographers to fall in love with as much as we have. 

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we have loved putting it together and that the work included makes you feel empowered.

Paige Rhianne