Sophie Lickliss

Credits: Creative direction and styling: Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima 

Photographer: @michael_d_morgan 

Model: @_anacorona 

 This issues cover creative comes from Manchester-based photographer Sophie Lickiss with her webtorial for this issue titled 'White Lines'.

We interviewed her to speak about she got into photography, what she's been reading and watching as well as who or what Empowers her.

Firstly tell us who you are, where you are from and what it is you do? 


Hi I am Sophie, a fashion photographer based in Manchester but I grew up in sunny Blackpool. I am one of the photographers for a Manchester-based fashion brand, which is my 9-5 working life. When I can I will try to work with other creatives and meet new people.


How would you describe your style or aesthetic when it comes to shooting?


I love shooting with natural light, or if working in a studio, always try to use soft light. I mainly work with female models but I think that is down to my work, I believe it to be quite feminine. In an editorial shoot, where I can be more experimental, always try to include movement or test with different angles. I approach a shoot quite relaxed and positive, never over plan shots, somethings will surprise you. 


What made you want to get into photography? 


I went to university at Salford University, the course was Styling and Image Making. The first year consisted of fashion design and photography and by the second year, you needed to choose a path for your degree. I originally went to university to select the fashion design path, but I discovered I loved photography. I enjoyed the creative input of shooting and I loved the instant result working with digital. 

"[MY WORK]IS QUITE creative and has an open-minded approach in aesthetic. I try not set any boundaries"

Credits: Creative direction and styling: Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima  

Photographer: @michael_d_morgan 

Models: @_anacorona @jesskand 

Tell us about the cover shoot (White Lines), is there a story behind it?


The cover shoot, the idea came from my good friend and stylist of the shoot, Bethany Cookson. She collaborated with the designer Harriet Kjellman, her pieces which are used in the photoshoot. 


We wanted to create some body art, which complemented the minimal styling, the fantastic Ewa Allen did on the day. Beth had an idea of two models and we really wanted them to interact but also have the symmetry as you see in some shots. 


Our current issue is our Empower Issue, who or what empowers you? 


Probably quite cliche but I would say my family and friends empower me. I have learnt a strong work ethic from my parents, even though I don't really come from a creative family, my parents had no idea on ‘how to become a professional photographer’, they encouraged my passion and helped anyway they could. I have a big group of ‘girlfriends’ whom we all support and champion each other.


Every shoot I do either for myself or my workplace, I work very hard to achieve the best and I learn from each shoot. When the shoot is completed, I feel empowered to then tackle the next project or theme.  


Do you have a favourite photo you’ve taken or Project you’ve worked on?


One of the most exciting projects I worked on, was in a previous job role where we shot the Summer campaign in Venice and Burano. We shot on a gondola, Rialto Bridge and in the streets of the colourful Burano. I think that was a perfect photoshoot location. 


One of my favourite photoshoots I worked on, I collaborated with a graduate designer, Daisy Colby. I shot her graduate lookbook two years ago and I still love those images. 

"I get inspiration in the collusion of past and present of the art and fashion worlds."

Credits: Creative direction and styling: Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima 

Photographer- @j0anna_xo 

Model- @samira.hsnv

As with everything we do at Everytime Zine we try to make it as collaborative as possible, but this issue especially, during a time where we felt most disconnected so if you could choose to collaborate with anyone who would it be and why? 


There are quite a lot of people I would love to work with or photograph. But before lockdown, I visited the Tim Walker: Wonderful Things exhibition at the V&A. His work has been a big inspiration for me, for quite some time, since I received his book ‘Story Teller’ as a present. The exhibition was amazing! I would love to spend a day in his shadow, and witness all the creativity come alive. 


What have you been loving recently?


One of my new year's resolutions was to read more. And throughout lockdown, I think reading was one of my saviours to keeping me sane. 


So here are my top 3 books, that I have read:

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owen

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware 


My current favourite series, which I have only seen two episodes so far, so maybe jumping the gun, but its Lovecraft Country. I highly recommend!!

"To me escape is freedom and a comfort zone."

Credits: Creative direction and styling: Fatima Hasanova @hsnv.fatima 

Photographer @michael_d_morgan Model: @jesskand 

If there is a voice, issue or cause you feel strongly about that you believe should be amplified at the moment? 


There are many things which are going on at the moment which deserve a voice and a change. I believe we should be continuing to use social media, to educate and inspire the younger and the older generation. 


As I work in the Fashion Industry, which is a large business, who influences the public, we need to be very vocal and positive. Not only who the fashion industry puts out as representation for brands, but also on whom they hire. We need to create a diverse, open-minded team to ensure change is continued and sustained. 


And finally, what are your current goals and aspirations for the future, where do you hope to take your work? 


I want to continue working with all different creatives and developing my body of work. I really enjoy my job and I can’t complain as I have landed a job I dreamt off when I was at University. But I would love to continue on that journey, and keep progressing. 

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