Styling, Direction And Photography by: Katie Aird 

Garment designer: Mabel Tallulah 
Models: Liam Casey, Poppy Aindow and Jordan Spittle 

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Fast fashion is a huge concern to the modern-day environment and it is getting worse. A condition that is exposed by consumerism.


My piece of work is ethically considered by using recycled plastics and reusable garments (denim and velvet) in my photographs. I really wanted to investigate and explore different techniques that link to consumerism, branding and fast fashion.

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Styling, Direction And photography: Katie Aird @Katie_aird_photography

Garment designer: Mabel Tallulah 

Models: Liam Casey @liamcasey97, Poppy Aindow @plasticinepoppy and Jordan Spittle @j_spitt_